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NEW 100ml Neem Cream soft tube, jar replacement

August 10, 2018

NEW 100ml Neem Cream soft tube, jar replacement

As of August 2018, 60ml and 120ml Neem Cream jars have been discontinued. Both sizes have been replaced by gorgeous new 100ml soft tubes with imprinted full graphics.

The benefits include:

  • more hygienic (no fingers into the product during use)
  • when stood upright funnels product to nozzle
  • built-in safety seal
  • airline carry-on allowed
  • less than half the plastic content
  • easy #4 recycling
  • assembled from 2 components vs 6
  • ultrasonic seal contains lot/expiry information
  • Health Canada NPN approval for eczema

Order your very own tube here!

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