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Our Story

In a world that is over-complicated and over-processed, we aim to provide a better, simpler, cleaner solution for you and your family without the toxic overload.

The principles of quality, efficacy, integrity, and purity have guided the development of our products over the last 25 years and continue to be what we are recognized for.

This starts from a foundation of pure ingredients based on plants, not petrochemicals; adding to our pure botanical extracts only what is really needed and nothing else, no fillers or nasty additives, without ever losing efficacy in what the products deliver.

We source the best quality ingredients and mix them by hand  in small batches.

No animal testing, just willing friends and family!

We have great green initiatives: we pack our boxes using recycled paper or biodegradable cornstarch-based pellets, no styrofoam. We use our steam distiller to keep us warm in the cooler months: after providing us with distilled water, we recirculate the heat to give warmth to our offices.

In March 2021 we completed a big solar array so we are now powered by the sun.

Our next goal is a solar domestic hot water system by the end of 2022.

We are definitely trying our best.

Thank you for your support.