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What our customers say about us

I met Klaus (Founder of Ferlow Botanicals) and Peter (CEO of Ferlow Botanicals) in Vancouver. One day Klaus took me with him to show me the office of Ferlow Botanicals. Peter also showed me the production. It was super interesting to see how they make all these products in this „small“ building (compare to other big labels). You can see that behind every product is so much work, but still the love and knowledge since over 20 years. It is not just to produce something, they make our world healthier and better.
I use neem products since a couple of months. And my favorite is the neem shampoo and the matching conditioner. My hair is not so dry anymore and I also think my hair is growing faster.I use the neem cream as a night cream before I go to bed, it cleans my face and in the morning my skin is very soft. These products are so good and you can feel how thankful your body is. Thank you for that awesome products
Lars Krygiel,Germany
I am so thankful for the samples of Neem cream Klaus Ferlow gave me 14 years ago for my son's eczema. We had tried everything we could find to help his severe eczema but nothing was working for him. He was 7 years old at the time. We used the Neem cream for 3 days and the difference in that short time was unbelievable! He did not complain putting it on his skin because so many other products would burn his skin. Shaun has used the Neem cream for 14 years and his condition is always under control
with the Neem cream.
Our daughter has great success with the cream as well for her psoriasis on her elbows and she uses Neem shampoo and conditioner for her psoriasis on her scalp and she also uses the Neem soap for acne as well as the cream on her face.
We have all used this wonderful natural product for burns, dry skin, cuts, insect bites, cracked heels and many more skin conditions. We do not go anywhere without the Neem cream!
Our new addition to our family, 3 month old granddaughter is already using the Neem cream and we know it has no parabens.
                  Valerie & Ken Sapiak, East St-Paul, Manitoba, Canada

Our Rottweiler, Ruby was very allergic to fleas. If she was bitten the site would become raw & inflamed. I would have to go to the vet and pay for expensive and not so effective drugs to try to help with her condition. Someone told me to try calendula to help with the irritation. I bought Ferlow Botanicals Calendula/ 1st Aid Spray and tried it out. Within 3 days the inflamed sites were healing rapidly. She used to lick and bite at the sites but the Calendula spray seemed to reduce the itchiness plus I don’t think she liked the taste of it. I kept applying it for a week. At the end of that time she was completely healed. Every time she started to have a problem I would immediately use the Calendula. She never had to suffer again. I would recommend Calendula/1st Aid Spray for any dog with“hotspots” instead of expensive drugs.

Sue Nicholson, Mission, BC

I have been using Ferlow Botanicals products for 10 years and have been very happy with both the products and the service.  I love Ferlow products because their products are of the highest quality and they do not contain harmful chemical preservatives or additives.  They are made with pure ingredients and healing botanicals and best of all, my patients love them as well!  I often use the Chickweed cream for itchy skin and eczema, and it works wonderfully to calm the skin, while we work at addressing the underlying cause.  The Neem Tree cream is also exceptional for healing skin.  I have also used the Rosa Mosqueta cream for damaged skin, and it works remarkably to help repair the skin.  I have used the Tea Tree Cream topically for fungal infections while treating the patient internally and it is very soothing for patients.  The Vitamin E and MSM creams are helpful for maintaining healthy skin for my patients.  I treat many patients with sensitive skin and I have found that Ferlow products are so gentle that even people with very sensitive skin do not seem to react to them.  The soaps and shampoos are also very gentle and great for problematic or sensitive skin.  I would recommend Ferlow products to anyone who is looking for a natural, effective alternative to chemical-based products that may actually do more harm than good. 

Dr. Jennifer Chen, BSc, ND -   Henley Garden Health Group, Scarborough, Ontario

I have been using Ferlow Botanical products for about 10 years now.  I am extremely happy with the products, the quality and the service provided by Ferlow.  I find the products superior in quality and efficacy to any other personal care products I have found.  The soaps, shampoos, creams and tinctures all meet my personal high standards for quality and effectiveness.  I have never had a problem with the products, they are the only ones I have found to have absolutely no chemicals in them in any way.  Other topical and personal care products have some chemicals from SLS to propylene glycol and other preservatives and additives.  Ferlow's products have nothing but botanicals and a natural cream base.  I am extremely happy with the products, and find they work exactly as they should I use them on my patients.  All patients I have used them with are very happy with the effects.I would highly recommend Ferlow Botanical products to anyone interested in having a complete chemical free, all natural personal care line in their dispensary.
Dr. Michael Nowazek, BSc, ND Clinic Director, Green Apple Health Care Past President, Alberta Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Director of Government Affairs, AANP ,Edmonton, AB
We started in 1994 in Regina, Saskatchewan selling Neem Tree and Wild Yam cream. We loved the products because they were preservative free.  Our customers loved them because they worked so well.  Now in Calgary since 2002, we continue to market these beautiful products.
Eugene Quan, ND,  Judy Quan, RN Western Naturopathic Clinic, Calgary, AB
The Big Carrot proudly sets high standards for providing the most natural and effective body care and supplement products. Ferlow Botanicals are among the highest quality products sold in our store. We have complete confidence in the purity and effectiveness of Ferlow Botanicals, and freely recommend them to customers. As a retailer, we appreciate how easily the products sell themselves, and our customers love the affordability of this very natural line and are often pleased to learn that it is a family-owned Canadian company.
Audrey, Body Care Dept. Manager The Big Carrot, Toronto ON
We have had your products in the Dispensary for approximately four years. We initially just brought in the organic evening primrose oil, which was the only one on the Canadian market. We were then introduced to the neem cream and tinctures. Practitioners are very happy with the products, notably one of the cleanest companies on the market. Their products are held in high regard with all our staff and practitioners alike. We are looking forward to expanding our line.
Jane, Manager The Big Carrot Dispensary, Toronto ON
We have been selling the full line of Ferlow Botanicals products since opening our Holistic Health Store in the summer of 2003.
We decided right from the start that if we were going to open a store, we were going to do it with the cleanest and most responsible products available in the marketplace.  We had seen too many so-called “health stores” peddling products containing toxic ingredients that should never have been allowed into our food or personal care products in the first place and we were determined to do our best to make that situation better … in our store at least.
Ferlow Botanicals has helped to provide an important niche market for us and for our customers, and we have had a growing professional and friendly relationship with them right from our first order to this day.
We wish the very best to you all at Ferlow Botanicals as you continue to grow your company in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
Mary & Glenn Fidler, Owners Regenesis Holistic Inc., Comox
I am a naturopathic physician with 24 years in practice, primarily focused on cancer care.  I have always prescribed Ferlow Botanicals products because they are of excellent quality and potency, and very competitively priced.  The formulations are brilliant, as is the organic grape seed oil (no petroleum!) cream base, and the certified organic herbs are a definite plus.  For example, the Rosa Mosqueta cream is an outstanding product for burns, scars and general beauty use.  The Calendula cream has healed many skin lesions including eczema, and is remarkable for lymphedema.  I use your personal hygiene products such as your toothpaste and soaps in my own home, share them with my family, and give them as gifts of health. I train new naturopathic doctors to do their due diligence in selecting the safest and most effective medicines for their patients – so I always recommend they stock their dispensaries with Ferlow products!  This company is unsurpassed in integrity, service, product quality and value.  I am a completely happy customer since 1995!
Dr. Neil McKinney, ND  , Vital Victoria Naturopathic Clinic Ltd., Victoria, BC
Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude for the excellent work you have done in bringing your line of health products to us. For more than a decade we here at the Langley Naturopathic Clinic have depended on your fine products to help our patients recover and maintain their health. I am particularly pleased that your herbal creams contain no chemical preservatives and I can trust that they are safe for even the youngest of my patients. I only wish that I had discovered you sooner, then the past 23 years of practice would have been that much easier. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing you at the next BCNA convention.
Dr. Scott Tyler, ND Langley Naturopathic Clinic Inc., Langley, BC
Northshore Naturopathic Clinic has been ordering products from Ferlow Botanicals since 1999.  We have always had excellent service.  Their herbal products are superior quality, organic, preservative and pesticide free. I am very happy to recommend the company and its products to any health and wellness practitioner.
Dr. Jonn Matsen, ND ,Northshore Naturopathic Clinic, North Vancouver, BC
Ferlow Botanical’s creams, lotions, tinctures and oils, shampoo and soaps consistently deliver excellent results in a diverse number of health issues including skin conditions, teeth & gums problems, circulatory & heart disorders, hormone balance, immune system illness and so on. Furthermore, the freedom from common unlabeled additives & ingredients has resulted in a purity that has allowed them to be used by all ages in my practice.
Dr. Heathir Naesgaard, ND,West Coast Naturopathic & Counselling Center, North Vancouver, BC
I have found it essential to have organic toxin free products available for my patients. Using Ferlow Botanicals products I have seen great results with a number of products including Neem for eczema, Rosa Mosqueta for patchy skin or uneven skin tones, Devil’s Claw for arthritis, and Arnica for muscle aches and pains.
Dr. Peter Tebruegge, RMT, ND,Gesund Naturopathic Medicine and Massage Therapy, Toronto, ON
The Holistic Healing Arts Centre carries a full line of these fine botanical products and we have been very satisfied with the products and the company for almost 15 years. The quality and effectiveness is second to none and the patient feedback is so very positive.
One of the best selling products is the Neem creams and shampoos. This botanical is very effective for a broad range of skin problems. Neem is second to none when it comes to controlling and healing up psoriasis. Satisfied patients have sent their friends to our clinic pharmacy for this particular product and it can literally fly off the shelves.  Great products, great service and a passionate commitment to Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Health Care. Thank you Klaus and your fine team. All the best in the years ahead.
Dr. Alfred Hauk, ND ,The Holistic Healing Arts Centre, Brantford, ON
I have been using Ferlow Botanicals products in my practice since 2001. I really like Ferlow products because I know I am providing my patients with excellent quality non-toxic herbal medicine and personal care products supplied by a company with exceptional integrity. This is supported by all the positive feedback we receive from our patients who love these products and keep returning to our clinic for more due to the great results they have using them. For doctors considering carrying Ferlow Botanicals you can be confident offering these unique products to your patients and you will be well supported by a company who cares about you and your patients.
Dr. Ray Lendvai, ND ,Vital Path Health Centre, Vernon, BC
I find patients love the Rosa cream for their face, stretch marks or wrinkles and really like its consistency. The Calendula cream is wonderful to heal any damaged skin and reduce inflammation in an area.  It also helps to repair the skin after a wound has healed.  The MSM cream is great for any injured area with inflammation and swelling.  The Chamomile cream has been great for any skin condition that is itchy or inflamed and is great for children to settle the skin so they don't scratch at night.  The Wild Yam cream is wonderful for those hot flushes and night sweats and can be used as an interim tool while balancing out the hormones.
Dr. Brenda Gill, ND, The Natural Path Clinic, Rossland, BC 
I have been using Ferlow Botanicals since I started practice in BC in 1999.  I love the range of products and the careful attention to ALL ingredients.  Klaus and family are a great resource whenever I want to know about botanical ingredients as well as all the toxic ingredients contained in many other products available.  I use their products medicinally, cosmetically, and personally and will continue to do so for as long as they exist.  They are the only products I prescribe for infants and anyone with sensitive skin because I know I can trust that there is never any hidden or “extra” ingredients.  I have non-patients often calling to order products as well. Thank you and keep up the exceptional work.
Dr. Glenda Laxton, ND,Westcoast Naturopathic Clinic, Vancouver, BC