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A Hand and Foot Treatment

February 13, 2018

A Hand and Foot Treatment

Hands and Feet Treatment 

Naturally caring for the skin on your hands and feet.
There are many ingredients you will already have in your kitchen or bathroom cupboards to care for your hands and feet - without buying expensive specialist products.

A Hand or Foot Treatment 
1. Make a scrub - very simply from fine sea salt and oil. I love to use coconut oil for its amazing moisturizing ability but you can use whatever is readily available. You can also add a drop of your favourite essential oil - I love peppermint as it feels cool and refreshing. 
Spend a couple of minutes massaging into dry hands and or feet.
Having now gotten rid of the old skin, the new plump skin will readily absorb moisture without the old cells blocking the pathway.

2. Then it is time to soak - this applies for both the hands and the feet. You could do this in the bath or with small bowls. Soaking helps to further soften your skin.
Pop a few drops of essential oil into the soaking water - My favourite for this is Lavender, it’s gently antibacterial and also very soothing and makes for a great oil in the tub if you’re going for the whole body approach.

3. Remove from soaking and dry gently.

4. Gently push back your cuticles using a small orange wood stick or the corner of your face cloth.

5. The cuticles are the fine pieces of skin between your skin and your nail, they protect that delicate area and it’s important to be gentle when treating them. They also get very dry so you have a couple of choices here. Lip balm makes a great balm for your cuticles OR face oil such as our Rosa Oil OR any simple cooking oil such as coconut or olive. Rub a little bit into this area on your nail bed.

6. Finish off the whole process with massaging in your favourite hand cream - I’m currently using our Rosa Cream with rose geranium as I love the smell!

* sometimes the feet will need an extra help with dry skin on the heel area, for this I recommend using a gentle foot file to remove any hardened skin that built up. Pay particular attention to this area when exfoliating.
* for any lingering nail fungus drip Tea Tree oil directly onto the effected toe, applying the oil around the nail so it can get to where it is needed.