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Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity

July 28, 2017

Neem - Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity

This was written and published by our founder Klaus Ferlow, Master Herbalist & Herbal Advocate.

He was one of the first to introduce the miraculous versatile medicinal healing herbal products from the Indian Neem tree to the West.

The author traces his own healing journey and his lifelong fascination and passion for the Neem tree. As a teenager he developed a stubborn case of severe psoriasis which was resistant to conventional and alternative treatments.

His life changed 40 years later when he found out about the remarkable healing properties of Neem, a plant that healers in Indian have used for thousand of years and within a few weeks he had finally freed him of the life-long condition.

The book includes a valuable guide to herbs, extensive reference section, list many useful healing applications of Neem and explores its politics and history. Neem offers better plant, human, animal, and environmental health. 

This then was the driving force for Klaus to form a collection of products all relating to Neem.

At Ferlow Botanicals, we make all of the following

Neem Oil

Neem Soap

Neem Cream

Neem Shampoo & Conditioner

Neem Toothpaste

Neem Tincture

An endearing story

I love living in Vancouver, reputed to be one of the most beautiful places one could live in the world, but once in a while I marvel at what other countries have to boast about. Seems that India has a tree that is so special, in so many ways, that they have named it the national tree. We are talking about the Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica), every part of which has immense value, justifying this high praise. I did not know about the Neem tree until I met Master Herbalist Klaus Ferlow. On the jacket of his book, NEEM—Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity, it says “The endearing story of Neem is told through the eyes of one of its most enthusiastic advocates.” Having known Klaus now for several decades, I can now say with 100 percent certainty that he is indeed a global ambassador for this remarkable tree, which, in addition to all of the above benefits, also provides shade and lower temperatures while providing people and animals a nice and enjoyable place to rest underneath it.

Very Informative

Book review Marilyn Zink Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity By Marilyn Zink, publisher, editor Herbal Collective Magazine, Nanaimo, British Columbia,

Canada Desperate for a solution to a psoriasis condition that plagued him since childhood, master herbalist Klaus Ferlow became inspired to try a cream from the Neem tree. That cream was the exact solution he was looking for and it inspired him to write the book Neem, Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity. The book is easy to read starting with a chronological journey of Ferlow’s background, how he started Ferlow Botanicals and on the Neem trail and how the tree is seen and used worldwide. The next section goes into Neem’s wide use as an effective herb on many skin conditions as well as its use for dental care, diabetes, diarrhea, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and liver function. Readers are also guided to find a practitioner knowledgeable in Neem. The third section of the book goes through the science of Neem, the politics, history and future as well as a study of the Neem tree, Neem resources and organizations. As one goes through the book, the reader will see that each chapter leads to a deeper understanding of this miraculous tree. This leads to the chapter on the history and future of Neem, where Klaus states “over the centuries, the Neem tree has gone from serving as the village pharmacy to being the world’s panacea.”