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Soap or Shower Gel

December 13, 2016

Soap or Shower Gel

Shower Gel or Soap? What do you use and why?

A large number of Shower bottles end up in a landfill. Soap is often more simply packaged in paper or minimal packaging.

When you transport shower gel it's much heavier, therefore larger Carbon footprint, and whilst we’re on volume a lot of the content is water, you're paying for that!

If I've not started to make you think... Ok one last chance, soap is significantly cheaper, approx 20 dollars a year compared to 60 dollars.

Consider making a big difference with a small change.

We use this amazing company that provide well fairly paid jobs for women with good working conditions. They provide us with the beautiful paper to wrap our soaps.

Hand Made Nepalese Paper 

We have two excellent ones, Neem and also Rosa.


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