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What does the term aromatherapy really mean

January 23, 2017

What does the term aromatherapy really mean

The true context has been eroded with much overuse and misuse.

Here is the real explanation...

Gaining benefits through inhaling oils as long been recognised as beneficial, all throughout China, Greece and ancient India the use of oils in rituals and religion has been documented for thousands of years.

The ancient people understood that Aromatic oils could change the mood and influence our feelings.

Each person's experience of oils is somewhat different as the chemical compounds of each oil reaction differently with each person brain chemicals, creating different emotions. However, each oil has compounds that promote a different reaction, invigorating, calming, grounding, uplifting.

These are very intrinsically linked to our olfactory system - Our library of feelings, reactions and emotions that are attached to our smell memory.

Aromatherapy oils are very beneficial in air purification and are much safer to use than toxic air purifying sprays. At the same time as purifying they also create a nice atmosphere and pleasant aroma without inhaling harmful toxins. Consider adding a few drops of your favourite oils into an electric diffuser and carefully position to enjoy. Recommended in your bedroom to create a calm and relaxing place to sleep or in your living area to purify cooking smells and uplift the mood.

Here are some of the best ways in which to incorporate oils into daily life;

~Make your own surface cleaner add a few drops of your favourite oil, I like peppermint for the uplifting invigoration, and we all need that when cleaning!

~When you're in the car either get an in car diffuser or just pop a few drops on a small cotton wool ball. I like to use lavender, helps keep me calm!

~When you need a lovely relaxing unwind, diffuse something relaxing in the bathroom. I like to use Rose Geranium.

~ I love adding a few drops onto my face cloth whilst cleansing my face.

~ Rub a couple of drops between your palms and then inhale deeply with a very slow inhale and exhale.

~ Place a face cloth on the floor of your shower with your favourite drops of oils to start the day upbeat and invigorated. Sweet orange is my choice!

~ Add a couple of drops to your face cream, to make it personalised.

~Use tumble dryer natural wool balls with a few drops of your favourite oil. I love lemon!

We sell a few of our favourites here at ferlow Botanicals


Rosemary~ Invigorating


Sweet Orange~ Uplifting

Rose Geranium ~ Harmonising

Tea tree ~ Antiseptic

Peppermint~ Energising

lemon ~ Uplifting

Start by smelling and choosing what you are drawn towards...Enjoy!