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Why is Ferlow Shampoo different ?

January 08, 2018

Why is Ferlow Shampoo different ?

Ok so here is what we don’t use first, followed by what we do use.

We DON’T use sulphates within our shampoo. To identify sulphate they are often sometimes referred to as - sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

These chemicals are responsible for the suds and foam that build as you lather shampoo into your hair. We use decyl polyglucose - a corn starch based product that cleanses and helps with the foaming.
That’s why many natural shampoos don’t lather as much as Supermarket brands removing the SLS or SLES takes away the mega foam! This doesn’t have any impact on the cleansing process, it's just something we associate with washing our hair.

SLS or SLES are there in a product to facilitate cleansing, but they are generally so strong that they strip away and remove vital sebum needed to protect our skin,scalp and hair. They are found in some of the strongest chemicals that are used for industrial degreasing!!

DO you really want to use that on your scalp?! Consider this also, that most of us shower and this chemical is then freely running all over our body as we rinse it away!

The symptoms of damaged hair and scalp are dull lifeless, dry and porous hair combined often with a sensitive,flaky or sore scalp, this is all because the natural lipids have been striped away leaving no natural protection.

David Suzuki Has more in-depth look at this chemical and its possible links to being carcinogenic, 

We add some beautiful natural botanical ingredients to give vitality and do not disturb the scalp and hairs natural equilibrium.

Here are a few of the ingredients highlighted:

~Rosehip oil to add moisture and balance oil production in the scalp.

~Witch hazel and Comfrey have a gentle astringent effect without stripping the natural lipids.

~Panthenol or otherwise known as provitamin-B5 for conditioning.

~Rice protein in the conditioner, replacing wheat-derived protein - gluten-free.

~We use the Fragrance of Lavender and Rosemary genuine essential oils, both are cleansing and soothing to the Scalp and Hair and don’t irritate the skin as would an artificial fragrance.

Our shampoos do foam, cleanse and smell amazing without any of the harmful effects and will enhance the  condition of your hair and scalp, naturally. 

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