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Nature's Bounty

*Shared Vision Magazine - Visionary - November 2007

Klaus Ferlow - Founder, Ferlow Botanicals

photo by Jaime Kowal

"Health is wealth" is an adage we've all heard countless times, but Klaus Ferlow has dedicated his life to putting it into practice. Ferlow is the founder of Ferlow Botanicals, a local, family-run business that produces "zero harm" medicinal and personal care products. That means instead of using chemicals to fill the list of ingredients in the toothpastes, lotions, shampoos, and other products the company offers, you will find only non-toxic and wild-crafted herbal ingredients.

"If you can't pronounce it, don't buy the product", Ferlow advises, referring to the "petrochemical-derived junk" that makes up many of the products that may be sitting on your bathroom shelf right now.

While a background in sales and marketing makes Ferlow a savvy businessman, he is also an herbalist whose country upbringing in Germany-and a grandma whom he credits as his chief instructor in herbalism-brought him face to face with Mother Nature at an early age. As a result, Ferlow believes whole-heartedly in the healing power of nature. "For every disease we know, Mother Earth provides a herb to grow," he's fond of saying.

What's more, Ferlow has been an active lecturer at colleges, universities, and health fairs from Nanaimo to North York, and has written numerous articles for health magazines and other publications across the country-all free of charge. How does he do it? By facing challenges head-on and by never, ever forgetting his own personal mantra:

"You can achieve everything in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a real plan, the will to see that plan to the end, and to help others achieve their dreams."

Written by Tamara Letkernan


Klaus' educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition can be found in health magazines in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, North America, United Kingdom, Europe and online.


*Shared-Vision is no longer operating.