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Neem Cream

Ferlow Botanicals


A deeply therapeutic cream that soothes and calms extremely sensitive skin. It can give comfort, moisture and hydration to your skin when you need it most.

Neem is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to help temporarily relieve the minor skin irritations such as itching associated with eczema or minor wounds. Health Canada NPN 80074925.

Key Ingredients

  • Ayurvedic medicine and the Indian Continent have long been using Neem (Azadirachta indica) extracted from leaves, and the seeds. Its qualities are bountiful and seemingly endless it promotes healing with the most complex conditions such as psoriasis** and eczema.
  • Oregon grape (Berberis aquifolium), is great at slowing down the overproduction of skin cells such as in the case of psoriasis**.
  • Aloe Vera soothes and helps heals the skin.
**psoriasis has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a medical practitioner for advice before use.


Apply a thin layer to the affected area up to two times daily, or as directed by your health care practitioner. For external use only.

All Ingredients List

Aqua (distilled water), emusifying wax NF, vitis vinifera seed oil (grapeseed oil), neem leaf extract (Azadirachta indica), glycerin (vegetable glycerine), cetyl alcohol (wax), methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), neem oil (Azadirachta indica), d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), oregon grape extract (Berberis aquifolium), sorbitol, 1, 2-hexanediol & caprylyl glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf gel (aloe vera).

Contains no soy, dairy or gluten.


I am so thankful for the samples of Neem cream Klaus Ferlow gave me 14
years ago for my son's eczema. We had tried everything we could find to
help his severe eczema but nothing was working for him. He was 7 years
old at the time. We used the Neem cream for 3 days and the difference in
that short time was unbelievable! He did not complain putting it on his
skin because so many other products would burn his skin. Shaun has used
the Neem cream for 14 years and his condition is always under control
with the Neem cream.

Our daughter has great success with the cream as well for her psoriasis
on her elbows and she uses he Neem shampoo and conditioner for her
psoriasis on her scalp and she also uses the Neem soap for acne as well
as the cream on her face.

We have all used this wonderful natural product for burns, dry skin,
cuts, insect bites, cracked heals and many more skin conditions. We do
not go anywhere without the Neem cream!

Our new addition to our family, 3 month old granddaughter is already
using the Neem cream and we know it has no parabens.

Valerie & Ken Sapiak, East St-Paul, Manitoba, Canada

Pictures from a customer May 2017 with the healing results of Neem Cream: 


For external use only.

Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms worsen or last for more than 7 days. Not intended for use on deep or puncture wounds on animal bites. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; if this happens rinse thoroughly with water.


Do not use if pregnant, likely to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Known Adverse Reactions:

Hypersensitivity, such as an allergy, has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use. If skin irritation develops or increases discontinue use. If irritation persists or worsens, consult a health care practitioner.



Ingrédients : Eau distillée (aqua), polawax, huile de pépins de raisin (vitis vinifera seed oil), extrait de feuilles de margousier (Azadirachta indica), glycérine végétale (glycerin), alcool cétylique (cetyl alcohol), methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), huile de margousier (Azadirachta indica), vitamine E naturelle (d-alpha tocophérol), extrait de mahonia à feuille de houx (Berberis aquifolium), sorbitol, 1, 2-hexanedoil & caprylyl glycol, aloès (Aloe vera).

NPN 80074925.


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